(Updated: June, 2017)

Madre de mi Corazón

Presently 6 surfers browse daily with approximately 2.72 pages viewed by everybody on average as of June, 2017 [1].

Larger part of browsers have done graduate school, doctorate degrees & no college, conceivably chiefly female, making roughly 0 - 10k, 30k - 60k & 10k - 30k while visiting from school/college, restaurant & home.

Nigeria (20.01%), Brazil (19.53%), China (16.89%), Indonesia (12.42%) & Turkey (10.78%) are most traffic contributing countries, potentially sending roughly 79.63% of total browsers [2].

$0.2 per day could be made from and can be bought for $73 [3]. It is 2 years 3 months 10 days old blog.

However, at times surfers may make a mistake and visit nelemai, jelemai and kelemai in place due to very identical URL structure. Blog Profile

Webmaster seems to be posting too little as showed by his posting frequency level of 1.31 posts/year, thus webmaster sounds to be not much interested in blogging.

URL melemai
Blog Age 2 years 3 months 10 days
Total Blog Posts 3
Blog Start Date August 5, 2014, 1:56 am
Post Frequency/Year 1.31 User Involvement

Each month expectedly 204 people find Everyone of them visits 2.72 pages on average per month. This implies that it is a site known only by few people.

During June, 2017 there was potential to attract 204 visitors.

Monthly Visitors 204
Monthly Pageviews 555
Avg. Time on Site 01:27 minutes
Engagement 2.72 pages/user Revenue Estimation

Our experience presents this site admin could have earned $6 during June, 2017. With Nigeria (having $2.7k per capita income), Brazil (having $8.7k per capita income) and China (having $8.0k per capita income), contributing toward larger share of traffic, the earning potential of is astounding. On the whole this site can be sold for $73.

Net Value $73
Daily Earnings $0.2

Tricks to Raise Blog Income Web Footprint

Watch the index and backlinks count in major search engines. WayBack Machine can expose how this site looked in past.

Visitor Profile of

Attract people with higher per capita incomes to earn more via affiliate marketing and Adsense. During June, 2017 has been visited by 20.01% Nigeria (avg income $2.7k), 19.53% Brazil (avg income $8.7k) and 16.89% China (avg income $8.0k).

Country Monthly Visitors Monthly Pageviews Per Capita Income
Nigeria 12 33 $2.7k
Brazil 12 33 $8.7k
China 10 28 $8.0k
Indonesia 7 21 $3.4k
Turkey 6 18 $9.4k
Philippines 6 17 $2.9k
Korea Republic of 6 17 $27.2k Keyword Map

Keyword chart of argues it is based upon low cost keywords. Exceptional keyword tariff can generate huge profits.

Keyword Expected Cost Expected Visitors
madre $1.21 501
coraz $1.22 502
monday $1.12 278
september $0.93 204
beauty $1.14 280
save $1.44 506
world $1.28 507
make $1.46 508
choose $1.18 284
much $1.49 510

Ethnic Group

Viewer spectrum of generally encompasses of African people which mostly include people from countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt & Algeria, contributing (21% or about 42 visitors) during June, 2017, along with fair share of Ethnic groups like African American (21%, about 42 visits) and Caucasian (17%, roughly 34 people).

Ethnic Groups Potential Percentage Expected Visitors
African 21% 42
African American 21% 42
Asian 13% 26
Caucasian 17% 34
Hispanic 2% 4
Middle Eastern 6% 12

Likely Typo URLs

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